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How Much Do You Want To Lose Weight?

Read On To Learn How You Can Achieve Incredible Results!

— Are you dissatisfied with what you see in the mirror?
— Do the numbers on your bathroom scale spoil your day?
— Do you want to lose extra pounds forever?

Of course! Of course! Of course! And you want to lose them right now with minimum effort if possible!. While common sense may tell you it's not possible, your emotions prevail and you hope to become slimmer overnight!


Krylova Marina Valentinovna

I have tried a surprising number of ways to lose weight. Some of them worked at first, but then the weight came back. Some were hard to follow because they weren't right for my husband and I had to lose weight alone. Luckily, using KG-OFF was comfortable for both of us. We used it for 3 months and were amazed with the results. I lost 21 kilograms, 20 cm from around my waist and 19 cm from my hips. My husband lost 10 pounds, 18 cm from his waist, and 10 cm from around his hips. So cool! I just can't describe in words how we feel now. Not only are we lighter, but my husband's blood pressure stabilized to 130-90 after 25 years at 180-100. I'm thrilled! This was an enjoyable way to lose weight and I'm excited I have kept the weight off.

Befor After

Weight: 101 kg
Waist volume: 102 sm
Volume of hips: 129 sm

Weight: 81,5 kg
Waist volume: 82 sm
Volume of hips: 110 sm


The main principle of Vision is "Do No Harm." Following our principle, we created the food additive complex KG-OFF. It includes a Fat Absorber and Hunger Suppressant that stops you from feeling hungry. Taking these dietary supplements leads to incredible weight loss results.

• Weight Normalizes
• Health Improves    
• Self-Esteem Rises

You Can Achieve Great Weight Loss Results

Complex KG-OFF consists of two components, each of which solves certain weight loss problems.

Each capsule of Fat Absorber contains chitosan, a natural absorber that works like a powerful magnet that attracts fat and removes it from the body. Even if you overeat at the holiday table, Fat Absorber will come to the rescue. It keeps calories from turning into extra pounds. Chitosan also normalizes metabolism and blood cholesterol. It helps your body eliminate metals and toxins while stimulating the growth of bifida bacteria, which normalizes the bowels.

Each capsule of  Hunger Suppressant  contains glyukoman, a vegetable fiber with a high degree of purification. Glyukoman swells in the stomach and absorbs liquid in a ratio of 1 to 200. In other words, 1 teaspoon of glyukoman attracts 200 teaspoons of water. This causes a gel mass to fill the stomach, making you feel less hungry. Hunger Suppressant also keeps you from overeating.

It's very simple -- to lose weight you just take one or two capsules of Fat Absorber and Hunger Suppressant regularly. When taken along with monitoring your diet and exercising regularly, you'll lose weight without adversely affecting your health!

Watch Our Video To See How KG-OFF Works Inside Your Body!

When you purchase KG-OFF, you also receive a valuable bonus -- a free consultation with a Vision weight loss consultant. Your consultant will motivate and encourage you so you get rid of those extra pounds and bad habits fast.

Don't Sit Around Worrying About Your Weight!
Do Something About It With KG-OFF!

KG-OFF - The Formula For Successful Weight Loss


Price: 82 € 72 € - you save 10

Order a two month supply of KG-OFF and get free delivery anywhere in Russia or in 200 other countries.
Save 3 to 30 € by increasing your order for KG-OFF.

72 EUR
3920 RUR
1120 GRN
(All countries)
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